Who We Are

The Cambodian Civil Society Partnership (CCSP) is a registered NGO with over thirteen years experience of promoting and enabling good governance at a sub-national level.
CCSP works with partners across government, civil society and the NGO community to raise awareness about Decentralization and Deconcentration (D&D) reform and encourage all stakeholders to take their part in democratic processes.
CCSP delivers projects in social accountability, training and capacity building and information dissemination. CCSP is also an expert facilitator at the interface between government and CSOs.

Our Mission,Vision and Goal

Our Mission

Promote decentralization, democratic development and good governance by having active involvement of all stakeholders through capacity building and partnerships between the government, citizens and civil society organizations.

Our Vision

Prosperous Cambodia where citizens contribute to democratic development, good governance and full peace in the community.

Our Goal

Citizens (including youths, women, ethnic minority) and commune councilors have capability and good governance and engage in democratic development process with civil society organizations that have project management capability.

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