Success Story Of Mr. Korng Sambath

Mr. Korng Sambath is an outstanding youth of CCSP Project called “Youth Engagement in Democratic Development” for 2 years. Sambath ages of 25 yearstudent at Angkor Khemra on General years old from Trapeang Korng Commune in Prey Phdao village, SamrongTorng District.  At the present time he is a member ofDistrict Councilor of Samrong Torng. He is a third years student on General Management at Angkor Khemara.

Korng Sambath  quoted that < Before I participated in YEDD, I was very shy and cannot speak  in front of the  public, I did not understand about good governance; I also did not understand about what was transparency, what was leadership at all. Before it was so difficult for me about how to present myself. I did not understand about the usefulness of youth involment in the development of community I did not understand such as what the good governance is, I did not know how to practice during the training, I mostly did not talk with people, and I did not know how to express idea. I have never join in a practical action such as role play and small group discussion  before >.  After, I was selected to join as a volunteer member with Youth Engagement in Democratic Development (YEDD) in my commune on December, 2017: From that time, my thinking changed, I am so excited I have never though that I have new vision in my life: Mr. Korng Sambath has been participated in the CCSP training.He said <Therefore, I found that my thinking changing such as I would like to increase my knowledge to higher degree afterward. I became more mature than before and I think about  developing my community and my life, I have seen problems in my commune, I understood about Good Governance, transparency, and also leadership as a tool to organize my work.

I told myself that I am a mature man, I am not a youngster  anymore should not used time useless look like youngster:  My thinking was changed immediately: I reduce going for a walk, I trust myself better, I focus more on developing my community and I found youth involves in social work is a crucial work, and especially I saw the road in my village was difficult, I have gathered villagers to request repairing  the road about 450 meters in  Prey Phdao village. I understand that youth involvement in social work is for transparency, accountability, efficiency in order to develop my community.

Mr. Korng Sambath also involved in Commune monthly meeting on CIP and CDP and started to gather villagers to suggest to the Commune Chief on issues raised such as difficult road, drug using, canals problems, and look for the difficulty of villagers: I have an idea to support the poorest of the poor, so I join with the team to provide to the poorest of 30 families. Sambath found that road problem was a main problem in this commune; so, he guided villagers to submit the request to repair one road about 350 meters in Prey Phdao village.  Sambath has been involved in the CCSP training, it objective is to develop and build the capacity of target group on Good Governance, Facilitation Skills, and then focus on the usefulness of youth involvement in society for transparency, accountability, and efficiency. Sambath said  < during 18 months that I work as volunteered youth with CCSP, the district governor have seen my commitment, and my effort as a volunteer youth, the district governor nominated me as a member of district councilor since June 20, 2019.

He said: < The District Governor of have seen my commitment and my effort as a volunteer youth with CCSP, the district governor nominated me as a member of district councilor on June 20, 2017. As a District Councilor member, my role is to strenthen capacity and follow up the work of commune council the community in SamrongTorng District > <At the end I would like to say thank very much to CCSP staff and leaders and also I thank to USAID through EWMI, for this AID that could help  Cambodian youth, especially this AID enable to train, support me, and build my knowledges to become a skillful person, so I can develop my human resources; then I could be able to upgrade myself, as well as I could involve in the development of my village, my commune and my Country.

Finally, I promise to use my knowledge from CCSP to upgrade my community and my country from this time, and I suggest to EWMI to increase support to CCSP for the capacity building for the next youth group in the future .


Success Story Of Mr. Korng Sambath

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