Success Story of Hang Samoeun

Ms. Hang Samoeun, 28, living in Ou Toch village, Sangkat Andong Khmer, Kampot city of Kampot province. She is a community kindergarten teacher in the village. She has volunteered to participate in the CCSP’s Youth Engagement in Democratic Development (YEDD) project since September 2017  and actively participated in many activities of the project.

During her voluntary work, Ms. Hang attended in two capacity building workshops on good government, civic engagement, social accountability, facilitation skill, commune forum organizing, and public speaking skill.  Through these workshops, her capacity got improved gradually. She is knowledgeable and capable of joining with the community to help organize commune forums, musical concert, youth’s dialogue, and fund raising activities in her community.

One of her achievements since has been with the YEDD project was that she initiated, together with the commune councilors, to organize fund raising activities to collect money from the villagers and other generous people to repair a small wooden bridge was damaged by the flood on August 2018 in the village (15-meter length and 4-meter width bridge).  Now it was completely repaired on February 2019. Commune councilors, village chiefs, and community people have good solidarity working together to repair the broken wooden bridge for the community people to cross the river. During the repairing process, Ms. Hang had mobilized villagers and youths to raise fund to contribute to the commune council to enable them to repair the bridge.

Because of smartness and cleverness, Hang involved in educating a domestic violence-suffered family especially the husband to stop using violence as a mean to solve problems in the family and consequences of the domestic violence.

Rather, she advised him to use a mediatory approach to tackle with the family problems. Also, she conducted a fund-raising initiative via the social media such as Facebook, in order to find support for the poor kindergarten students.As a result, generous people donated uniforms, shoes, and studying materials and supplies to the kindergarten.

Due to her commitment, patience, and hardworking, Hang becomes an outstanding youth volunteer in the CCSP YEDD project. She is so much happy and commit to continue her participation in the CCSP project, not only gain knowledge and experience, but help develop her community and commune council, as well as promoting the concept on good governance and social accountability among the community people, in the purpose of motivating youth’s engagement in the democratic development.

Success Story of Hang Samoeun

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