Success Story of Mr. Sang Chrun

Sang Chrun, 35, an outstanding male youth in the CCSP Youth Engagement in Democratic Development (YEDD) Project, living in Ou Krasar village,
Sangkat Ou Krasar, Kep province. He is one of youth volunteers who has been participating in YEDD project since September 2017.  He has actively participated in many activities of the project and social work such as helping poor families by raising fund to support them and work very closely with the commune councilors and villagers including other youths in commune.

During his voluntary work, Mr. Chrun have attended two trainings on democratic development, good governance, leadership, social accountability, facilitation and forum organizing held by CCSP to improve and strengthen his understanding and capacity.  Chrun had actively participated in organizing the CCSP commune forums, musical concerts with large number of participants and organized fund-raising activities in his community in the purpose of repairing the broken pathway.

In cooperation with local authorities including village chiefs, commune/Sangkat chief, deputy governor of Kep town, five youth members of the YEDD project in Ou’Krosar village, Sangkat Ou’Krosar, Kep town, Chrun had   conducted fund-raising activities by collecting 1,360,000 Riel approximately (340$) from the community people to repair a broken 330-meter pathway located in Ou’Krosar village. In addition to this, local authorities together with citizens/villagers in the community had donated a total of 16 trucks of red gravel to repair the above-mentioned damaged pathway.

This pathway had been in worst condition and left unrepaired causing difficulties for the community people to travel daily especially young students who are supposed to travel to school every day. When having participated in the CCSP YEDD project, the community youth understand about their key role and engagement in the community development. Therefore, they initiated to join together with other community-based people to raise funds for the repair of the bad-conditioned pathway. Continually, they showed commitment to involve in the community and commune development.

Starting from his commitment and hardworking, Chrun became an outstanding youth for the YEDD project and he was one of the top ten in youth contests. He was exited and proud of himself because of having chance to help his villagers to understand about their role and duties as a citizen to involve in community and commune development. Also, he gained more knowledge and experience through the CCSP YEDD project, as well as building network with youths in other communes. Further, he had an opportunity to be selected as one of the top ten youths in the youth contest event organized by the CCSP. These motivated him and other youths to work more harder and continue commitment to engage in community and commune development.


Success Story of Mr. Sang Chrun

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